Fracture Free Friday

Happy Fracture Free Friday!

"In it for the Parking" Gotta have a bit of humor!
If you've been following my posts I hope it's caught on that I've got somewhat of a 'style' to my writing. And also that there are a few times when you've been able to chuckle to yourself, or at least crack a smile. Writing about life with O.I. can be emotionally draining and challenging to put into such precise language a little known condition. My sense of humor whether in or out of the cast has helped me quite a bit in life; I've been known to be quite sarcastic, blunt, and maybe even a little daring with where I am willing to take things. For this Fracture Free Friday entry I thought I'd share a couple of quick stories of how humor has helped me get through my toughest "O.I. riddled days:"
Always something to laugh about.

Fracture Funnies:
  • In pre-school I wound up in a body cast that went up to my chest, left a large hole for my stomach and covered my legs. The bottom half of the cast was in a spica style and for anyone, but particularly a 3 year-old the encasement was miserable. I was in this contraption for nearly 5-6 months and for Halloween, you're dang right I was the best mummy treatin' and trickin'! 
  • During college I would frequently wake up only 15min before class and have to scramble to get to class a 1/2 mile away from the dorm. Usually I would bolt out of bed, make sure I had the right books and binders in my bag, pull things out of my closet to throw on and burn rubber going out the door. When I would get to class my friends would say "Sandy... you're not wearing any shoes." My response: "So? It's not like I walk anyway!" Boring lectures in the comfort of socks and slippers make it far more bearable!
  • One night when out with friends for dinner the waiter mistook me to be a young child. He handed me the kids menu, and some silly coloring sheet with crayons. When he came back to take our orders I circled what I wanted on the menu and drew a middle finger along side it. :-P
  • During my first year in college I went to class a bit early with a friend, before the professor had arrived. For whatever reason I felt like getting out of my wheelchair and into a 'regular' seat. My friend decided to get into my wheelchair, drive out of the classroom -- and when the professor finally arrived, drove my wheelchair back into the classroom as if everything was normal. Needless to say the professor was beyond shocked and confused, we just grinned back at him and prepared ourselves for the boredom to follow. 
  • My friend invited me to talk about O.I. as a genetic disease with her middle school science class. I agreed and looked forward to re-visiting my 7th grade days. I gave my talk, and answered a whole slew of questions when I heard a few giggles in the back. The teacher asked what was so funny and the group of boys replied "umm.. nothing. Never mind." Being the darer that I am I goaded them, "no, try me. Tell me what's so funny. I've heard it all." That's when one of the boys asked, "Well.. we were wondering if... you had ever broken a bone from farting before.." I responded "no but do you want to come up here and we can try the experiment?" 

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One Response to Fracture Free Friday

  1. One Halloween I was also in a body cast. My mom had bought a red wagon (still got it) to pull me around. It was the easiest thing to do. Well, that year it was raining but just enough where you could still go out trick or treating. My older brother was going to go. My mom didn't want me to go because she didn't want the cast to get wet, but I pitched a fit. If my brother was going then darn-it, I was going to go too. So my mom took a black trash bag and pulled it completely over my body up to my neck and tied it. Unfortunately I went as "trash" but I still got a lot of candy!

    And sadly I still every now and then get "kids" cups and menus when I go out to eat. Although it hasn't happened in a while it definitely happened more than it needed to. I never drew a middle finger on it though. Thanks for the advice. I hate it when they give everyone at the table normal cups but they bring you a styrofoam cup with a lid. Embarrassing!


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