Special Announcement: Fracture Free Friday PARTNERSHIP

Hiya readers!

I've been waiting a few weeks now to announce this awesome partnership that has officially begun today :-D

When I first started my blog I went out looking for other OI sites and blogs and came across an incredible source of information at Unbreakable Journey managed by Amanda (@OIJourney). Amanda has been really supportive from the very beginning (we connected when my blog was only a week old!) and we have decided to join forces.
As usual my Fracture Free Friday posts will still occur, but now you can find them every Friday at Unbreakable Journey. I will be sure to post the link every week on my own blog and will always continue to collect questions from readers at oi.perfect@yahoo.com 

So thanks for continuing to read the entries, for letting me share my life with you, and for all those readers from Unbreakable Journey -- Welcome to Perfectly Imperfecta!

Have a safe & fracture free Friday,

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