FracturePlayList: Tunes to Tune it Out!

I never go far without my iPod these days and music has become a huge part of my daily routine. Though I will admit to missing out on a lot of actual interaction with people, and passersby - in many ways listening to music distracts me from the general stress of the day, or from my worries/concerns. It's just good down time for me because whenever I've got my ear buds in my brain is released from its gears and ceases its frantic spin. ...And if you haven't noticed by now, my brain is constantly in a state of frantic spin.

It's just in my nature and my friends enjoy teasing me about it. I don't mind, it's just the way I've been built but this also means that when I do get time away from my thoughts I really try to just relax and just chill out. Music helps me a lot with this process. When I'm injured or have sustained a fracture, or if I'm in the hospital - it can be really frustrating to have an overly energetic brain and not be able to be as physically mobile. When I find myself in these situations and I'm left with my thoughts -- well, it's not always the greatest mix to say the least. This is why I've come up with the idea for a FracturePlaylist. Music helps me relax, the lyrics take over my thoughts, the melody and tunes fill in the cracks and spaces of my thoughts. 

A few days ago I asked my readers and fans to tell me what songs they listen to when they have a fracture or are in the hospital, I've compiled the list below and have also added in a few of my own! I hope this list helps someone else during a rough O.I. time, because I know the next time I need an uplifting distraction I can just push play:  (I broke up the long list with randomly chosen music videos from each set of 10)

"I saw the sign" Ace of Base
"Tubthumping" Chumbawumba
"3 Little Birds" Bob Marley
"Don't Worry Be Happy" Bob Marley
"Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head" Bobby McFerrin
"Mad World" Gary Jules
"Perfect Day" Various Artists
"One Day" Matisyahu
"Dub Side of the Moon" The Easy Star All-Stars
"Battle flag" Low Fidelity All Stars

"An Attempt to tip the scales" Bright Eyes
"We are nowhere and it's now" Bright Eyes
"Awake my soul" Mumford and Sons
"After the storm" Mumford and Sons
"Winter winds" Mumford and Sons
"Land of Make Believe" Bucks Fizz
"Beautiful" Christina Aguilera
"Kiss from a Rose" SEAL
"Blue Eyes" Elton John
"Stay Awake" Mary Poppins

"Cheers (Drink to that)" Rihanna
"Only girl in the world" Rihanna
"Just Dance" Lady Gaga
"Born this way" Lady Gaga
"The Edge of Glory" Lady Gaga
"The Beating of a Lifetime" The Appreciation Post
"I'm No Sure Thing" The Appreciation Post
"Hushabye Mountain" Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
"2000 Light Years Away" Green Day
"No One Knows" Green Day

"She" Green Day
"Longview" Green Day
"Brainstew" Green Day
"Warning" Green Day
"Minority" Green Day
"Redundant" Green Day ...... (okay I'll admit to being a HUGE Green Day fan)
"Blindsided" Bon Iver
"Creature Fear" Bon Iver
"The Rose" Bette Middler

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