Tons happened this week and I even sought to throw in some current events, and.... then a walk down memory lane occurred when my pre-school teacher reconnected with me on Facebook. Oh boy!

  • Monday: I'm really thankful for all the tough parenting that my parents did. It wasn't easy for me as a child and I'm sure it wasn't easy for them as parents! 
  • Tuesday: Teenagers will be teenagers. Or at least... we'll try damn hard at it, like that time I tried to sneak out of the house.
  • Wednesday: This post caused quite a 'buzz' ! A lot of folks seemed to like how I talked about the 'fame' and interesting walks of life that we seem to attract as people with O.I. 

And a special note: recently my pre-school teacher found me on Facebook. Back then I had gone to a pre-school that was at a place called Mass Hospital School - basically a place that catered to all kinds of special needs students. After pre-school was over my parents mainstreamed me so I barely remember what school was like with other special needs students; however, several of my friends continued on there and even graduated from the high school. (I will definitely have her to guest post one day so that those of you who are considering or are curious about what a school solely for kids with multiple disabilities is like!) Anyhow, my pre-school teacher sent me this photo that I thought .... as silly and embarrassing as this is for me.... I will share it with you folks. 

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