October's Top Post!

Ahh what a month for October! We lost Steve Jobs, snow fell BEFORE Halloween, and we experienced a historical moment for the blog -- there are TWO all-time top posts for the blog this month:

The first top post is a description of what I would consider my ideal aide. But more than that I also talk about my aides of the past: what worked, what didn't work, what was amusing for me, and some things that were less than amusing. Being protected at school as a child with O.I. is important. Learning and school is a place where many of us thrive and ensuring our safety by way of having an aide is of utmost importance! (Check out more information from the OI Foundation here http://www.oif.org/site/DocServer/Plan4Success.pdf?docID=905
Writing this post gave me a chance to reflect on how lucky I was to have had the education I got. While my teachers and aides may have had to put up with a lot of my crazy antics, nevertheless they were always supportive of my curiosity and encouraging of my skills and talents. Most importantly of all though they EXPECTED for me to succeed regardless of what bones I broke or physical dependencies I had. It takes a good teacher to teach well, but a courageous one to expect the best from his or her students. So, to my teachers and former aides, I thank you for having always raised that bar for me. 

The second top post was actually really surprising for me! Throughout the time (5 months!) I have kept this blog the main reason for why I keep coming back is YOU. My readers. My supporters. My friends. My community. Sometimes actually.. it's most of the time.. I write blogs and think okay, that was kind of a lame post, no one is going to care. But then you guys always manage to shock me! So that's what happened for this second post, The Fracture Timeline. In this post I take my readers through the entire experience of a fracture by the hours and seconds, from when it first happens to when the cast goes on. I didn't think people would find it terribly interesting or mind boggling... especially given the fact that I'm sure SO MANY of you have gone through similar experiences. But then after I thought about my "reader behavior" and the "stats" behind each post, I began to realize that it's BECAUSE so many of you have had that experience it became a top post of the month. I'm sure many of you were able to relate to it, and that I now realize.. is what makes a good blog post!

I know I said this earlier but truly all of my readers are incredible and are the best part of keeping this blog. You might be a parent of a child with O.I., you might be a kid, you might be a sibling, you may be a friend.. whoever you are I think the one thing that brings us all together is that each of us strive to be unstoppable, creative, and persistent in our day-to-day lives. Let's not lie ALL OF US ARE TOTALLY AWESOME-SAUCE! I hope to harness that energy and motivation in future posts and thank you once again for sharing this adventure with me!  

Yours truly,

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