Top Post for November!

This month for the blog involved a few major waves. First things first though, congratulations on helping me surpass 4,000 visitors this month!! That was really exciting to see and please continue to share this blog with your friends/family/kids etc who have O.I. or are unaffected by O.I.! I'm continually told that I should try to 'break out' from the O.I. community and these days I don't have a ton of time to market & network for the blog, so I'm really relying on my readers to help with that! And so far you guys continue to make great strides and break new records in doing so!!

What a way to mark the blog's 6 month anniversary!!

The second HUGE step for the blog was that I got to meet a giant, and that post also happened to be one of this month's top posts! Check out the time that I met Shaquille O'Neal. Another top post for this month talked about how I learned to advocate for myself in the classroom. Self-Advocacy has proven to be the most useful accommodation that I have acquired over the years. It's not just something that will allow me to show others my strengths, but it's an opportunity to challenge the equality and inclusion that our society continually strives to encourage. And the more consistent we are in this area, the sooner the day will come that we can all be on the same playing field! 

Again, I thank you for joining me for yet another month in my adventures of breaking barriers. Moving forward, let's continue to raise the standards for ourselves and the communities we live in as we challenge others to break barriers too!! 

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