Top Post of the Month: December

Pretty soon (if not already!) we'll be inundated with various TOP 10 Lists of 2011 for movies, music, news stories, celebrity break ups etc..
But before you get lost in reminiscing about 2011 here's the top blog post for the month of December:

If you're wondering how I come to find the top post of the month each time then look no farther than in the mirror. It's YOU who decides this. While the computer may do all the number crunching for me, it's YOU who tells me the top blog post for each month through each time you share a blog entry with family & friends. You do a lot more than you think with each click of the mouse!! 

I hope everyone had a safe holiday and have fun ringing in 2012! There'll be fresh entries to read next month and new barriers to break. So, are ya ready?!


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