Many Thanks to You!

Hello readers!

At the end of every month I usually write about the 'top post' for that month, but before I reveal February's top post I wanted to take some time to talk with you!

When I began this  blog I was just looking to connect with whoever was out there looking for tips to manage life with O.I. Needless to say that original mission has morphed into something much larger than just life with O.I. The purpose of my entries have begun to send a message that's about more than how to handle fractures, and it's about more than how young kids can tell their friends about what O.I. is.
The truth is that... well.. I'm not always sure exactly what that message is yet. I am still learning with each post that I make how to connect with people, how to create a community, how to write better, how to have an online presence, how to advertise, how to market, how to cater my message to different age groups/populations/needs.. and at the most basic level how to effectively help people break barriers. If at the end of the day the blog still serves that singular purpose, I know that I am still on target and still achieving my initial goals. Thank you so much for giving me that opportunity and for helping to achieve those goals!! For that reason alone I know I have some of the most incredible fans and supporters a person could ask for!
As the blog has grown and evolved, I have recently become acutely aware that whatever is happening with the blog is a change that is completely organic. I am not sitting around a table in some office talking with 12 (or even 3 others) about the direction the blog is going; and nor am I manufacturing some sales pitch for grants or corporate funding so the blog will continue. It's just us in this barrier breaking process - just you, me, and the community of people that we are among. With that in mind, I also wanted to take some time to say THANK YOU for helping the blog grow and change, even if no one is totally sure where we're headed or what this will bring about. It's exciting and I am truly happy to have each of you on board, especially as Perfectly Imperfecta is quickly approaching its FIRST BIRTHDAY in just a few months!!
Like I said before, the blog is about breaking barriers. But one of the surest things I have learned about that is this: without the support and backing of others, overcoming our challenges is damn hard. In other words, without you and your willingness to read my ramblings, and share those ramblings with your friends & families - this would not just be damn hard.. it would be impossible for any of us to do this!

Oh alright. I think that's enough o' that already eh? Here's February's top post of the month! "Nothing else I'd Rather Be Doing." See ya in March okay? There's a whole world of time out there, just waiting for us to get busy and make magic happen - let's hop to it!

*Each top post of the month is decided by you. Every month I post the most read, widely shared, and most popular blog entry.* 

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