Now: I need YOUR help!

Hello readers!

I'm taking the week off from blogging. It's been quite the sprint over the past ten months!

(*New Entries Will Return Next Week*)
Although there will be no new posts this week, I WILL be updating the blog's facebook page! Become a fan & Stay tuned here

I've always believed it's important to take a step-back and evaluate the progress of things. With that in mind I'll be taking this week off to do just that: thinking about what has worked, what hasn't worked, what I've learned, how to move forward, how to become *hopefully* a little bit better at what this whole...thing... is trying to accomplish.
In the mean time I would love to hear any and alll kinds of feed-back from folks! Please, please, please take a second and zip me a quick email:

Tell me what you have enjoyed, what you haven't enjoyed, what you wish I would do, what you wish I would write about, what could I do better? What could I do more of? What should I keep? What should I change?  

Looking forward to hearing back from all of you! (OR leave your feed-back in the comments section below)

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