Happy 4th!!

How far we have come in a year!
The snapshot above comes from a facebook post roughly a year ago! At that point I had been blogging for about two months and was still in denial about the numbers of readers I had. (Who are we kidding, I'm still in denial! Good thing I was never a math person..)

There are some days when I am still intimidated about being read by my readers – that palm sweating nervousness goes away a little each time I've posted an entry. Each post I’ve made over the course of the year has allowed me to learn more from you, I've been able to communicate with you my deepest uncertainties, and my life journey has been made a little easier every time I press the “publish” button on a post.   
You have helped me realize that someone somewhere has gone through my toughest moments. You have taken the time to assure me that my faults are shared by many others who are thriving everyday. You have told me again and again, that the feeling of joy that burns through my smile over the simplest things - is also a smile that you have worn. You have comforted me in my moments of isolation, nodding in silent understanding when I write about throwing the towel in with a shrug. Above all you have been there, arms opened with no judgment of whatever I may blurt out – and with that simple gesture you rendered many of those uncertainties I mentioned above irrelevant. You have helped me become a little bit more certain, and independent as a person. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT!!!

Now, a little more than a year later...
We've added a few more folks to our community. I have been lucky to garner a few more 'clicks' of the like button - but none of that matters. (Or at least that's what the anti-math person in me say..) Though I certainly appreciate "likes" and "shares" and "Retweets" of my posts, what makes me a little bit more independent than the day before -- is that we are all helping one another to move forward, to achieve our dreams together! And no amount of likes can express just how much I love that.

A salute to you, America! Happy 236th!

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