5 Facts about OI (& what they REALLY mean)

Sometimes the medical jargon and 'official' - sounding language can be boring and leave no sense of life & humanity in a person. It can be tough to wade through all of the facts and then figure out how those things are applicable to day-to-day living. So I decided I would try to translate:
*All facts from here are from www.oif.org*

1. Fact: Children with O.I. can have all types of fractures-- spiral, rib, skull, incomplete, displaced, etc.
Translation: Children with O.I. can have all types of life experiences and adventures. Fractures will happen irregardless of what is happening (or not happening); you can decide on your life experiences, we cannot decide on the fractures.

2. Fact: The appearance of people with O.I. varies. Though many are short-statured, people with milder forms may be of normal or near-normal height with no obvious symptoms.
Translation: The appearance of people with O.I. varies because we embody the diversity of humanity; and the only thing that is obvious is how comfortable we are with this diversity as reflected in our attitudes. Our attitudes is the most manageable symptom of O.I.

3. Fact: One common characteristic of those with O.I. includes loose joints and muscle weakness.
Translation: Characteristics are not laws or definitions set in stone, they are not the end-all and be-all of anyone. Characteristics can be changed over time, they are features or attributes that can be changed with work and effort.

4. Fact: Bones fracture easily, most before puberty.
Translation: Life and its fragility are usually things most learn after puberty, we learn it before things get awkward and angst-ridden. Why? Because we are not most.

5. Fact: For some types of O.I. the mode of inheritance is unknown. For others it results from a dominant mutation, and for still others it may be from a recessive inheritance.
Translation: We won't always know where 'it' comes from, but we know where we come from if we choose to surround ourselves with family & friends. 

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4 Responses to 5 Facts about OI (& what they REALLY mean)

  1. Your "translation" = real wisdom for life - for everyone.

    1. Thanks Mary, I appreciate the comment. It's so refreshing to know that my entries/perspectives can be applicable to those beyond the OI-community!


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