Blogging Break!

Dear Readers,

Time to dump the sand from our shoes and get ready for a season of cider, and sweaters! This summer was eventful for me in so many ways... among them attending my first OI Foundation Conference, having teen guest bloggers, making it to 315 blog entries, and of course - meeting & learning from so many of my readers. Thanks for hanging out with me this summer, for making it one that I am so grateful to have shared with you :-)
As we transition back to school, work, internships, and the daily grind again - so too must I. I've got to sort out my schedules, draw-up some goals for the year and get myself reacquainted with the regular swing o'things. With that said I'm going to be on a break from blogging for a few weeks, at least until I'm readjusted again, (when I can find the time to breathe fresh new entries for y'all) - and then regular blogging will resume!

Sept 18th - I'll be back!

In the mean time, I'll be updating the facebook page with re-runs of old entries, and of course you can always follow my day-to-day ramblings on twitter.

Catch ya soon & be well until then!
- Sandy

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