Stuff I've Stopped Worrying About:

These are no longer things that spin like a merry-go-round, covering no distance & going nowhere in my head:

1. What if the lift operator accidentally pushes the "stow lift" button and not the "down" button while I'm still on the lift? Will I flip backwards?
2. How much would it suck if I fell and broke my leg and there was no one home?
3. What is that person thinking about when they're staring?
4. What will happen when my orthopedic doctor retires?
5. What happens if my wheelchair breaks down in the middle of the street in a snow bank?
6. What would I do if the airline sends my wheelchair on the wrong airplane?
7. What if that person carrying me accidentally drops me on the ground?
8. If the van gets into a car accident, the driver is hurt, and I am strapped into all these tie-downs...
9. What if this elevator breaks and does a free-fall to the basement floor?
10. Why did my interviewer look shocked when I responded to being called in for my interview?
11. What if my manual wheelchair flips over again and there is no one around this time?
12. What if I get a flat tire today?
13. What if that person never sees past the assumptions? Is that my responsibility?
14. What if these people have no confidence in me?
15. Or worse yet, what if these people find out I have little confidence in myself?
16. What if my rod slips out and my orthopedic surgeon is away on vacation?
17. What if my lungs can't handle a breathing tube for anesthesia during surgery?
18. What if this airbag goes off right now?
19. If there were a zombie apocalypse could I jump into the river and out-swim them? Can zombies even swim?
20. What if my voice sounds like an 11 year old boy's forever?
21. What if I wind up completely alone someday?
22. What if I fall and hurt myself in the changing room of a store?
23. What if this subway train catches on fire, how do I evacuate?
24. If someone came in here shooting a gun could I get out of my wheelchair, slip under the table, call the police, and crawl away fast enough?
25. If I got hurt and were unable to talk, would they know to find the "I.C.E" number in my phone?
26. What if I get pigeon-holed as the "disability and O.I. blogger" forever?
27. Am I delusional because in my head I have been "passing" as an able-bodied person?
28. What if I never fulfill my childhood dream?
29. What if I get hurt at a concert in the middle of a crowd of people?
30. What if when I'm 60 and I break a bone and it takes forever to heal?
31. If I'm choking and require the Heimlich Maneuver, what would happen?
32. What if I don't leave this world a tiny bit better than it was?

... So now that I can have more room for new worries..! Just kidding. I've stopped worrying about those things for one of two reasons:
1. There just isn't a point
2. I have already experienced an alternative solution
I'm not saying that you shouldn't worry about those things above. I'm just saying that if you do.. you'd be saving the time it takes to answer 32 questions.

This seems to be the case for most worries in general.

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One Response to Stuff I've Stopped Worrying About:

  1. I have experienced nearly have of those things on your list and you know what? You are right not worry about them. Whenever they happen, as you know, we are intelligent and figure out a solution even as painful as it may be. My safety net is to try to always have my cell phone on me. However last year I fell in my garage. I live alone and did not have my cell phone on me. I broke my arm, rib, thumb, hand and had a concussion. You do what you have to do. I gave myself a few min to let that initial sweat and pain from a break pass then I did what I had to do. Crawled back into my chair and went inside to get my phone. From your blog and twitter posts, I have a feeling you are probably the same way and have the strength to do what you may have to do too :)


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