5 Inventions to 'Go Dashing thru the Snow'

It's that time of the year when many hope the clouds will have some kinda epic pillow fight and bring the flurries down. Everyone gets a little whimsical and rosy-cheeked-cheery 'round this time of the year, so to kick-off this December month I thought I'd make a list of things I'd ask for to help me get thru the snow. When I was a kid I used to ask for toys that I would dream up... what I'm saying is that part of me has yet to change. But hey if this isn't the time of year for hopes and dreams I'm not sure when would be more appropriate!

1. Seat Warmer.
I don't understand how this has not been invented yet!? Why can't my wheelchair seat have a built-in seat warmer? Don't get all science-y and technical on me for all you engineering tech geeks out there, just make it happen! The point is my buns get cold and while I love looking at the ice sculptures, I would like to do so without worrying that I might turn into one myself. (Of course after we get this figured out I would then like a seat massager..)

2. Salt Dispenser.
Every winter while my friends may be dreaming of snow days and hurling the biggest snow ball ever, I would have nightmares about getting stuck in a snowbank in the middle of nowhere. It would be awesome if my hubcaps could spray salt to melt away the snow at the press of a button! I mean think about it, I'm asking for a fairly practical thing right? At least I'm not asking my wheels to shoot paintballs or BB pellets. Or maybe I just want to adapt the technology from above and have heated wheels, that would evaporate all my nightmares!

3. Fuzzy Accessories Compartment. 
Without fail I will lose a glove and or a mitten this winter, and it's always just one of them. Also it's usually the left hand side of the pair (the one that I need the most because I'm a lefty, which means my left hand is always exposed to the elements to steer the joystick. My right hand is usually stuffed deep inside my coat pocket). Cars have glove compartments right? I want a compartment where I will, unlike most car owners, actually put my glove and scarf and hat in that compartment. It will also be a heated compartment so that every time I pull my fuzzy fleecy accessories out, they'll be dry and ready!

4. Twinkle Lights.
Because even though I can be kind of a Grinch during the holidays even I can appreciate the joy in twinkle lights. No ridiculous colors please, just the plain white ones - even the ones that dangle to look like icicles would be neat! No practicality here, I just would like the option of zooming by people in a blur of twinkling holiday lights.

5. Hot Cocoa Machine.
I would like a self-refilling thermos of hot cocoa hooked up to the back of my chair, and it must also connect to a holiday-colored x-tra long bendy straw. Maybe if you are on my 'Nice List' I will share some of my hot cocoa with you.

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