In the Meantime Go Share Your Thing

Dear Readers,
After two steadfast years of tapping out ramblings for you to read I'm going on a blogging hiatus. Indefinitely. Just let that
                                                 sink in
                                                             for a minute.
Whoa, there.

{Thank you for accepting my imperfecta as I sought to present it in as perfectly a way as possible. & Thank you for your patience as I began to accept my own imperfecta as someone trying her perfectly best can only do.}

Over the past two years I approached writing entries with unbridled infatuation like tweens at a boy band concert. Some posts may have made you blush or chuckle. Or maybe my slight obsession with writing made you tearful. Whatever your reaction thank you for letting me share with you. Sharing something that I love doing with others has easily been the best part about blogging. I hope all of my readers get a chance to do that in his or her life: To experience that exchange without monetary compensation or academic credit. Simply because you love it and others are delighted by it.
Seriously. Find your thing, or I would go so far as to say your life isn't complete.

Maybe it won't be about having O.I., or disability, or letters to things that won't ever reply back - but I will always be writing. This has been the case since I first learned to read. I need to write and that won't ever change.
My life changes though, constantly. Because I am young and still mostly unsure of what I want to do when I grow-up. Because I am probably one of the most innately restless people you will ever meet. Because I move fast without thinking or while thinking too much. Because I am incredibly fortunate to be approached with new opportunities, shiny new projects that I lord over like the challenge-glutton that I am. Because I am always in need of time and space to continue writing more, and better. Because I am still looking for more of my own things to share. Those are some reasons for why I've decided it's time for this blog to rest.

The blog won't be deleted and I won't ever shut the account down - the entries will remain here for you as you have been there for me. As for the rest of our lives? We'll share them, and someday just like that we'll meet again.
Rockets & sunshine ahead,

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One Response to In the Meantime Go Share Your Thing

  1. Best of luck as you move ahead with all your new endeavors, Sandy. I've really enjoyed your blog and getting to know you, and I've learned a lot also, so thank you!!


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