Fragile Clubbing

Every time I first head inside I get nervous. My eyes adjust from the dark evening outside to the dimly lit blacker interior. For the first few minutes I am taking advantage of the random flashes of light from cameras, the fluorescent glow from the bar, and spastic dazzle of lights above the dance floor. These are one of the few occasions when my friends have to plow a way through for me, because it's safer. After we all find a table to sit down the rest of me relaxes; at this point my heart has surrendered regulating a beat to the pounding bass the DJ is spinning. Yep, my friends have talked me into another night at a dance club.. 

I must admit that I am not a club person. I don't dance, don't listen to the latest tunes to know all the latest lyrics, don't actually like the taste of alcohol, and I'm rather gun-shy (contrary to popular opinion). All of that added to a crowd of squirming, grinding, jumping, pop lock'n'dropping five feet plus strangers probably leaves you wondering Sandy, why do you even bother going to these places? And how could I forget? Throw into the mix the brittle bones and I am sure that is all grounds for the FDA to make a Warning Label. And yet a few times a month I find myself returning.  Maybe it's out of my own ignorance? Idiocy? Because I enjoy flirting with risks? The only reason I know for sure is that each and every single time I go, I end up having a ridonkulously stupendous time!
Club Safely:
  • I have only ever gone with my closest group of friends. These are the people who know my comfort level the best and some of the people in my life I feel safest with! I believe that comfort level and safety are two of the most important things when venturing out into any totally uncertain environment that someone with O.I. should consider
  • It is these same friends who I credit with the fact that I have never fractured or had any other injury while out painting the town red!
  • This law is old but never falters: Drink Responsibly! Alcohol intake for someone with O.I. has a lot of different factors that 21+ individuals should be aware of (even if you don't choose to heed all of them). Just as with anyone else, know your body's limit, do your best to make safe judgment calls, and be sure to stay within a group of friends that you trust and know well
  • If possible, get a table or booth - ask someone who works at the club if this could possibly be arranged. This is helpful when you need a place to retreat back to and it makes socializing with others who may be much taller than you easier 
  • Make sure that the accessible bathroom at the club is in working order!
  • When others approach you about dancing with you or on you, just go with your gut instinct 

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One Response to Fragile Clubbing

  1. "Throw into the mix the brittle bones and I am sure that is all grounds for the FDA to make a Warning Label." LOL! Freakin' hilarious! Don't go to these places at all. Scares me too much. No, thank you. Ain't takin' the chance. But I do love the occasional frozen strawberry daiquiri! Those suckers are good!


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