Top 5 Pet Peeves

1. When people say "sorry" after exiting the accessible bathroom stall
Look, we all need to do what we need to do. It's a public bathroom stall and unless you shoved me out of the way and went ahead and used it first while I was still in line - it's totally fine if you use that stall. It doesn't have my name on it! Someday though... when I get my own house, or when I become supreme ruler of the universe - whichever comes first.

2. A max view of the maximus gluteus
Being in a wheelchair means that I am at crotch or butt view. Sometimes I don't mind it. But those sometimes situations is purely restricted and determined by me only. These restrictions follow the guidelines of me voluntarily choosing which view and which maximus I want to view. Also, don't fart in my face. I mean that's just common sense.

3. Allowing me to cut 1 place in a line
Sometimes I'll be at the grocery store or waiting in line at the cafe and some well-intentioned stranger will say "oh here, you can go first." And as I do the awkward "no it's okay..." they'll insist on allowing me that THREE MINUTES of wait time and 5 inches of space ahead of them... as if it'll save me from the hours of sitting I have already been doing earlier in the day. Also this is even more ridiculous to me when it's a line of more than 5 people.

4. When both doors are opened at the same time
I'm not the Queen of England or even the head of my household. I'm not even the first born child. But it's a little hysterical to me every time I exit or enter a place and strangers will insist on opening both doors for me simultaneously. Should I be offended? Is my wheelchair that wide of a load? Am I fat? Do people know how ridiculous they look when half their body is hanging on to one side of a door, and then they fling their other arm across to try and open the other door. And I make the grand entrance ... right under their arm pit?! Thanks for reminding me that I am that short and apparently that helpless too.

5. Could you just walk over to the side of the counter please
There is this one ice cream parlor that I enjoy and in order to give them my order I have to shout over what seems like The Great Wall of China to get a waffle cone, no sprinkles, one scoop of Oreo cake batter. Sometimes I will angle my wheelchair to the side where it's a bit lower and I can see which hipster college-student employee is preparing my treat. And after that 0.009 seconds of playing "Where's the Customer?" they spot me and that light bulb flashes over them and they seem to get it... but still they dangle the cone over the Wall. And when I grab my treat sometimes I feel like I just won an award at a carnival game, but my prize is edible and not some fluffy stuffed animal.

Addressing Pet Peeves:

  •  Each of the above are amusing to me and I've come to understand that they are just part of the package of my 'unique perspective' in life. But whenever it gets to be too much I have gotten better at addressing it, pointing out when pet peeves annoy you will only seem like whining and complaining if you make it that way - there are other ways to say it to be informative and you may even help someone else understand better!
  • Just because it's a pet peeve for you doesn't mean that it's a pet peeve for everyone who has a disability, is in a wheelchair, or has O.I.
  • I have begun to pick up on the fine line that separates a pet peeve from people who behave out of ignorance. I'm still learning how to navigate these situations but I've come to find that they should be handled differently and cautiously. 

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2 Responses to Top 5 Pet Peeves

  1. Sandy! these are great...however, the bathroom stall thing. Do you remember Las Vegas and the 20 empty stalls, you had to pee and the lady in front of us uses the only accessible stall! I was so frustrated (as you thought the situation was entertaining and laughed as i growled when she walked past...)

  2. Okay I'm back. Couple of things.

    1. Then it's absolutely okay to go if there's no room in regular bathrooms, but that rarely is the case. They could absolutely go in a regular bathroom and especially when there are... say... three girls coming out giggling (and looking awkward after seeing me wait for them), I might give a "didn't realized you were handicapped too" (smiling) line and let them pass me VERY awkward. I don't mind doing that, because they can giggle & powder their noses in a regular bathroom just as well. They'll usually remember it the next time. But maybe it is a bit cruel, I admit.

    2. It has pros to be at waist level. It gives you a good, subtle look to a well rounded butt and you don't have be a jerk looking at it. You can always look at everybodys face without people noticing and thinking you're an ass. Not so with bottoms. I'll live with the occasional fart.

    3. Yeah this is is one of my favourites as well. It's totally retarded to be honest, but sure they mean well and I get that. Still, I'm just a guy who's trying to get his cup of coffee and a pastry just as everybody else. I don't need a bloody red carpet here.

    4. This happens A LOT. And maybe 2% of those times two doors would really need to be opened. But sure they don't have such touch as to how wide our wheels are (as we can instantly see where we fit), so it's of course understandable. It still makes me feel uncomfortable because I generally get awkward when people do stuff for me they wouldn't have to.

    Something that people have to do sometimes in order to get in to a store are setup ramps for me to get in. Yeah, it's not a huge physical effort, but still doing something extra to get a customer in (who might not even buy anything) makes me feel somewhat uncomfortable, even if it is mandatory to get me in.


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