Going to School (Part 2) - A Ridiculous Rhyming Un-Fragile Poem

A Small Note for the Big Adults: Knowing that my intended audience were elementary school aged children put a lot of pressure on me for this entry! After a lot of restless thinking I thought back to the authors I found comfort in around that age (Roald Dahl, Dr. Seuss, and Shel Silverstein) and decided a silly poem would be perfect. I hope this poem helps parents & kids discuss concerns they have with the first day of school, but in the end know that it's no way to live life to be constantly fretting. So please, if you could share this with the young O.I'er child in your life that would be wonderful, thank you!!

Dear Friend,

I was once in your shoes many years ago
And now I’d like to tell you some things I know:

Just like you I was as tiny as could be
And my parents always worried for my fragility -
They were constantly around and never let me go
Anywhere too far, too high, or low.
But then came the day when I was to go to school
A place filled with friends sounded all too cool!

The night before I could not sleep
Try as I might to count those sheep.
My mind was a rushin’ and my tummy a flutter
With the endless questions my brain considered:
Would the kids be friendly?
Would they be like me --
Small, and funny, and wheeling around with glee?
Would the games we play be safe for me?
What if I fracture accidentally?
Will anyone play with me during recess?
Or will everyone else be unimpressed?
What if I can’t jump at all or any higher?
Will they snicker and tease ‘cuz I use a walker?
By the time I thought I’d asked a million
The morning sun had finally risen!
My first day of school had arrived,
And I asked my dad to please hurry and drive!

When I got there I met Ms. K
She gave me a big smile and showed me the way.
I could feel a roomful of eyes on me,
My wheelchair, and the leg braces upon my feet.
I began to get queasy and a little bit sad
I wondered if it was too late to go back to dad.
Soon I began to panic and fret with a sweat
I hadn’t thought how I’d handle all of this yet!
But then the teacher showed me to my place
And introduced me to Erica who shared my space.
I swallowed my worries and said “hello”
She looked at me funny then said “Y’know…
“We should play dress-up and then we’ll color,
We’ll be the best of friends and our days never duller!”

Since that day and many years more
I’ve never regretted all the fun times galore!
Though sometimes we’ll worry and we just can’t help it
I’ve come to decide, days are better to just go with it!

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