Weekly Wrap-Up

My friend from college was visiting earlier this week, I shared with you my slightly unhealthy obsession with Green Day, and wrote about the time I escaped from school grounds! If you missed any of the posts just check'em out below:

  • Monday: No kid ever intentionally wants to cause concern, injury, or worry. One time I left my high school without anyone's knowledge or permission and all I could say to the school nurse was "I Didn't Mean To." 
  • Tuesday: The First Fracture I Ever Remembered involved some neighborhood kids. I don't remember what bone I broke or how long I was in the cast for, but I did take away some life long lessons from the incident!
  • Wednesday: Music has helped me get through some tough times. I asked my readers and twitter followers what songs are on their FracturePlaylist and compiled a list. Also through in a few of my own!
  • Thursday: My friend from college was visiting earlier this week and on the way home from dinner one night she pointed out how I expect others to treat me. I'm just used to THAT voice. 
  • Fracture Free Friday: This is a question I get asked often "Can you grow out of your brittle bones?" And don't forget, if you ever have a question you'd like me to answer just send me an email oi.perfect@yahoo.com 

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