I Wish for a Day When...

1. Everything is accessible, but especially the homes / apartments of my family and friends
2. Curb cuts exist where they are supposed to exist, and do not become a fortress of snow in the winter
3. Able-bodied people will not have to think which way the accessible route is
4. Catching a bad cold will not be reason to panic about the state of my lungs
5. I will not have to depend on my wheelchair's battery but can rely solely on my own energy
6. Planning public transportation trips will not also require checking whether or not elevators are working, or which stops are accessible 
7. Moving around in a crowd will not be tempting a visit to the emergency room
8. People will stop their condescending behavior i.e. patting me on the head, or saying 'awww you poor thing' 
9. Our society will stop associating 'disability' with 'excuse' or 'cop-out' of contributing to a productive life
10. I don't feel the need to over compensate for my inabilities in other ways
11. My family realizes I'm going to survive without them because I know of & believe in no other option
12. I can see and respond to other people's thoughts when they are staring from the corner of their eyes
13. Every disabled child has the kind of incredible teachers & aides that I have had 
14. I can give every disabled person and their families a moment of possibility, relief, and or hope    
15. We all realize there is very little reason to be afraid or uncertain of one another, and all the more reason to connect, to understand and to help each other succeed

Yeeeaah I know...but what can I say? I dream big. 

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2 Responses to I Wish for a Day When...

  1. for what it's worth, i've never thought of/don't think of you as disabled. also long time no see.

  2. You've already made headway with numbers #14 and #15....just through your blog!


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