Most of the posts for this week were more focused on my current/adult life. I talked about my college years, gave advice on the college essay, and went into the joys of being in your 20's. So when I got this week's Fracture Free Friday question it was nice to think back on my childhood... who could dislike the memories of a whimsy and carefree time! :-)

  • Monday: In my opinion (and from what my friends say) being in your 20's with a disability is not much unlike being in your  20's without a disability! So, what's it like now? 
  • Tuesday: It can be highly amusing to me when people freak out over incidents when my friends are more seriously injured."Trust me, I'm fine."
  • Fracture Free Friday: This week's question dealt with one mother's uncertainty of how to encourage her daughter's dreams of becoming a ballerina but also being realistic. Dreams vs. Reality 

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