A Field Trip & A Side Trip

We were sophomores in high school and the class was Honors Biology. I had no idea what I was doing in this class or why I had even signed up for it; I was not ever a science person and nor will I ever be. But I suppose to a fifteen year old the important thing was that all my other friends are taking this class, so I will too!

Like many other field trips I had in the past the school had gotten a separate accessible bus for me, and a few of my friends who I got to choose to ride along. This was a tradition that had begun when I was in kindergarten and I could not imagine it being any different!

As I got older my friends all told me that they much preferred to ride in the "special Sandy bus" because the seats were comfier, there was heat / AC, and best of all we got to control the radio. So this field trip began like all the others - I chose 4 of my friends to ride along with me and we were off to visit some lab at some university to do some experiment. (I told you, I'm not a science person!) Getting to the lab was easy, all we did was follow the yellow school bus that drove in front of us. My friends and I were having fun chatting and goofing off in the back while the driver got us to where we needed to go. We got to blast the radio, sang along to all the songs, and at a few stop lights we swapped silly faces with the kids in the back of the yellow bus that was ahead of us.

It wasn't until after that experiment at that university at that lab was done that the field trip took another route. I mean, literally. Did I mention? I had no aide at the time, so in other words there was no adult with us. After we were done with the experiment and the class was getting ready to leave, I waved at my biology teacher and she nodded at me - gesturing that it was okay for me to get on my van. She also checked off on her list the 4 other students that were going to be riding back on the bus with me. So, the coast was clear. As far as she knew me and my friends would get on my van and head back to the high school.
Getting 40 other students, doing a head count, and then reading off the attendance list onto a big yellow school bus can take at least 10 minutes. By that time my friends and I were already buckled into our seats, I was strapped into the van, and we'd chosen our radio station for the ride back.

We left before the rest of my class did.

None of my friends or I had any idea as to where we were, how to get back to the high school, or which left to take. The driver had some idea but he wasn't totally sure. So when we got onto the high way he asked us which exit it was and we all looked at each other and shrugged.
"So should I take this left?" 
"Umm.. okay? Sure? We don't know."
"What do you mean you don't know!" 
"Yes! Take this left!"

Before we knew it we were suddenly in the terminal of the international airport. Without anyway of backing out again the driver was forced to pay the $6 fee to go through the airport tolls, had cursed us, and was now blindly taking left turns until we got out again. Needless to say that although we left earlier than the rest of the class, we got back way later.
"Sandy, are you guys just getting back from your bio field trip?"
"We've been wondering where you guys were!" My guidance counselor said to me. I looked at my friends who were on the bus with me, we were all grinning - empty coffee cups in hand and all.
"Where did you guys go? Why did you get back so late? And why do you have empty containers in your hands?!" 
"Umm the bus driver took a wrong turn and we wound up at the airport. Then we got him to stop at a cafe so we could pick up snacks and coffee..." 
My friends and I laughed; shaking her head in disapproval my guidance counselor had no words to say to us and just walked away.

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