The 'Lamest' Fracture Ever

In high school my power wheelchair didn't have a seat elevator. This meant that I had a tendency to climb on top of my wheelchair seat in order to reach a lot of things. Everything from getting books out of my backpack to pushing the higher buttons on the vending machine required creative acrobatic work. My arms are freakishly long and also have a super-power strength that the O.I. doesn't affect as much. (Probably it's because I use them so often and the muscle strength has made them stronger than any other part of my body... I haven't fractured my arms since elementary school!)

Anyway, I was forever climbing and clambering in and out of my wheelchair -- initially terrifying my friends and family but once they realized I had the monkey-acrobatics-routine down pat, they backed off. It was just the way I did things, and usually I jumped into this routine before anyone could ask "Sandy do you need help with the-- oh.. okay.. never mind.. I see that you got it.." 
Aside from being able to assert my independence and ability, I found it fun to be climbing in and out of my wheelchair. Being able to jump up and down every now and then gave my backside and legs some reprieve from the strict ninety-degree-angle sitting position that I was otherwise in for nearly 8+ hours of the day. I also enjoyed the creative problem-solving this act required. For instance being able to lug my 12lb Algebra II textbook out of my backpack required that I use my dominant hand to steady myself, and then my right hand to unzip my backpack, and then balance on my knees.. the point is, these situations presented themselves to me as problems only I would know how to best solve. Sure there were times when I would drop books on the floor, or nearly slip off my wheelchair -- but I always learned from my mistakes, always adapting to the situation and remembering to never leave my wheelchair turned ON when I was up and out of my seat..

But this post is actually not about a time when I fractured because I was doing one of my acrobatics. (Because I never have!)This post is actually about a time I fractured because I DID NOT do one of my monkey-bar-routines.

All of the water fountains at my high school were at least a few feet out of reach. And even when I could stand on my wheelchair seat, I couldn't figure out a way to steady myself while bending over, and pushing down on the lever to get a drink of water at the same time. To avoid that hassle I usually just trooped down to the nurse's office instead. Not only would I be able to miss a few more minutes of class, but she had candy, and she included ice for her water.
"Oh hey H! What are you doing?" A few times during my trips to the nurse's office I would bump into friends along the way.
"Not much just getting meds. What are you here for?"
"I just wanted a drink of water. With ice." 
"What class are you in?"
"Chem. It's boring and I don't understand what's going on and nor do I care." Mrs. B, the nurse, enjoyed having students in her office and she never rushed us out so I always took my time. She poured a cup of ice water into a cup and handed it to me.

In one hand I held the plastic cup, in the other hand I was steering the wheelchair's joystick, and with my head turned back I called out to my friend,
"Bye! I'll see you later in Choru-" 
"Umm .. Sandy, that was the door frame.." The cup of water had sloshed all over the place, conveniently hitting all the awkward spots on my pants, my leg rest was all bent awry and my leg was throbbing out of place.
The nurse came rushing out of her office and came to look at the damage. Chips of paint had fallen off the door frame but she could immediately tell that my lower foot had been broken.

My friend H and I will laugh about my door frame incident now, but at the time it was totally the most uncool incident to have happened during my high school career. I mean, aside from the awkward water spillage parts...

What was YOUR lamest fracture incident?? Tell me. 

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3 Responses to The 'Lamest' Fracture Ever

  1. I was in grade 6 i think and I went to grab something from my backpack and while I was emptying my bag, i put a binder on the floor and somehow it landed behind me...
    Anyways, i forgot it was there and tripped backwards on the binder. I was in so much pain that i couldn't get into my wheelchair so we had to call an ambulance just to bring me to the hospital which usually my mom could do in our van. That's one of many lame fractures... a full leg cast for a broken knee/leg just because i wanted something out of my bag and my bag was too full to find it without taking stuff out first. -_-

  2. I think most of the recent fractures I've had have been lame especially because all would have been avoidable with just a little bit more attention (and sometimes maybe less alcohol)... :D But if looking back at upper elemantary school and high school years I bet the one that really annoyed me the most was this one time on the first week of seventh grade, when I thought my friend was pushing me, and she was not, and I was rolling down hill straight to a water draining pipe and landed on my face. I could see the look on people's faces, and the teachers too, like, the first week and we already have an ambulance. :) I haven't let OI really prevent me from doing anything and I am fairly amazed how little bones I did break considering that I did have quite a wild teenage period...

    Also, I'm a new reader, just got your link from OI-chat group on Facebook and looks great, you write very well. Happy to check out other posts too! Hope you have time to check out my blog too! :)

  3. Ohe of my lamest fractures occurred when I was about 5 years old. My older brother had one of those scooters (not the electric) the old one back in the 80's where you actually had to use your feet. Anyways, I was sittin on our front steps watching my brother go up and down our street. Well, I got tired of just watchin so I begged my mom to let me ride it too (with him) of course. She allowed me. The whole time my brother complained. "She can't do that!" "She's going to break!" The more he complained the more I wanted to ride it. Finally my mom made him take me up the street. It was going good and all and I had the bright idea of wanting to go over a step and make a jump. Hey, my brother did it, why can't I? Of course when i asked him, he said, "no!" So when we passed a step I grabbed the bars and went straight for the step! Haha! When we landed my face slammed right into the bars breaking my jaw. Had to eat mashed potatoes, jello, and grits for a month! Longest month of my life. Boy did my brother enjoy saying "I told ya so."


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