Things I Wish I Didn't Need to Do

1. Making sure a place is accessible. I have often wondered what it is like to just know that I will be able to access everywhere I want to go. These days we have online resources like 'Yelp' that will say whether or not a place is accessible but sometimes they are not always accurate and it's best to call ahead. A few times I haven't been sure if a potential place of employment is accessible; when this happens I have either gone to the place myself to 'scope it out' or simply asked AFTER I have gotten the date for an interview.

2. Reassure that I am 'old enough' over the phone. For the gazillionth time NO, I am not 7 years old and no my parents are not around to give permission for me to speak with you. Besides, what 7 year old do you know will ask for parental permission to call a bank in regards to her account statement?

3. Hold up the bus or train. It is usually a rush hour and there are about a thousand pair of eyes silently yelling at me to hurry up because I need to get to Point A 10 min ago. Meanwhile the driver of the bus or train is fumbling with the machine that lowers the ramp, or trying to strap my wheelchair in securely. Believe me, I love going fast as much as the next rush hour city dweller, so if I could bypass all of that logistical hassle I would!

4. Be nervous when I crack my joints. This seems ridiculous and silly but it is what it is. It wasn't until about 2 years ago when I discovered that I could crack my back without winding up in a body cast! In a weird way I was excited and probably acted like a baby just realizing how to hold their own head up. But in a broader and more general sense, I wish I didn't need to be nervous about potential injury whenever I do something as simple as cracking my knuckles or taking a clumsy fall. There is no such thing as 'clumsy' in my world, there's either "I fractured" or "I was lucky that time.."

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