ABC's of Breaking Barriers

A: Awareness of yourself and what you're up against should always be at the forefront of your mind.
B: Be yourself. That's the easiest and surest strategy in the face of any difficulty. 
C: Confidence. Have confidence in yourself because when you do, others will follow suit. 
D: Dare to achieve. It's like the game kids play except this time you're only proving it for you.  
E: Energize. This often means resting. Pause for a bit and take a breather. 
F: Focus. Tune out the distractions and hone in on what you want, your plans, your goals. 
G: Growth. When we grow it means progress is present, just remember it often comes with pains.
H: Heart. Act with compassion and sincerity as you strive towards goals. Practice empathy.
I: Imagine. Think outside the box, solutions often require some creative thought. 
J: Join. You're never alone in what you're fighting against. Seek others, join forces. 
K: Keep at it. What more is there to say? 
L: Laugh. Having a sense of humor about yourself makes the process less tedious. 
M: Muster up every morsel of courage and strength in you. Because you are mighty!
N: No. Learn to say that word, and mean it. 
O: Optimistic. Staying positive in your mind helps bring positive results. 
P: Perspective. Keeping perspective allows us to stay realistic about challenges. 
Q: Question yourself. Throughout the process ask yourself if this is what you want. 
R: Rally your friends. Surround yourself with awesome people!
S: Savor your victories. Remember your wins for when times get tough. 
T: Thank often. Those you thank will be quick to return when you need them most. 
U: Unabashed with your efforts. Try, fail, and then try again. Repeat the whole process. 
V: Vent. Bottling up your frustrations can make it difficult to move forward. Air it all out. 
W: Witty. The thing about barriers is that you can always out-wit them. 
X: Xtra mile. Make the journey on that xtra mile frequently, eventually it will lead to success. 
Y: Yin and yang. Strive for balance to stave off stress and other feelings of being overwhelmed. 
Z: Zany. You've gotta be a little off your rocker to be successful. 

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