Top 5 Ridiculous Responses

....I have in fact given. Because the advantage of being the odd one out is getting to appreciate the private jokes and chuckling to yourself. It's the small things. ;-)

Them: How did you break your legs?
Me: I fell off my broomstick right after banishing a group of gawking children to hell

Them: How do you sleep?
Me: Hanging upside down in my bat cave.

Them: Does it hurt when you break a bone?
Me: Does it hurt for you to use your brain? 

Them: Can you go to the bathroom by yourself?
Me: No, I need you to wipe me and stand-by to ask my bladder if it's done yet.

Them: Did your mother leave you here all by yourself?!
Me: Yea, don't worry - most kidnappers are daunted by the sight of an 800lb 
power wheelchair, never mind lifting it too.  

Now, SHARE YOUR ridiculousness in the comments! 

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2 Responses to Top 5 Ridiculous Responses

  1. as we enter the 6th month of a broken tib fib our favorite response to how we broke it is that we dropped a piano on our daughter

    1. HAHAH! That brought needed laughter to my day, thanks for sharing! =)


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