Some Things I Wish I Knew as a Child:

1. In the mornings, even superheroes get dressed by putting one foot at a time through their pants.  
This is especially true of your parents. No matter how omniscient they may seem, they start their day the same way you do. Sometimes they might even put mismatched socks on; people make mistakes, superheroes are no exception to this.

2. Some of your silly dreams will seem less silly when you get older and that's okay. 
This doesn't mean you should pay any less attention to them though. In fact, those are the dreams you should focus on! They will be the dreams that become lifelong goals and passions. Keep them close. Besides, in the future its those kids with the silly dreams who grow up to run the world.

3. Most of the things that terrify you are only scary simply because you haven't tried them yet. 
And then after you try them many of those formerly scary things... might even become things that you enjoy. Remember that feeling afterwards so when the next dreaded occasion comes you will be less hesitant to give it a chance.

4. Your friends are going to come and go, a great many will change in strange ways, and a few will hurt you along the way. 
You won't know if the next person you meet will be your friend if you don't treat them like they should be. So treat everyone with kindness and lots of laughter; friendship is the best expectation we can have of one another.

 5. Bones will heal. And hair will always grow back. 
Nothing is so bad that it can't be fixed if you let time do its thing. Patience is a virtue - that's a fact, not just something your mother said.

6. Whenever you say "I give up" you actually mean to say "I need help." 
There aren't going to be many people you meet who will allow you to give up. On the flip-side however, nearly everyone you meet in the future will happily lend you a hand. It's because they believe in you, and you shouldn't give up on their efforts.

7. You'll always be small enough to be carried, but you'll always be too big for boxes.

No label will be accurate enough for you. No category will be expansive enough for you. Nothing will be able to define you just right except yourself, and even the size of your own definition will need to be adjusted over time.

8. Someone has been where you are at some point.
Growing-up is a shared experience that many have trekked through. No matter how isolated you may feel by your experiences, it is likely that there is a person nearby who has been there and done that.

9. You may grow out of your stuffed animals, but they'll never grow out of you. 

They might look tattered and ragged in the future but they'll always listen as patiently and as quietly as they did when you first squeezed them.
What do you wish you had known as a child?? 

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