!Mischief Abound 2013!

Every year I say this but I'll say it again:

I hope that 2013 is the year that YOU & I are fracture free!

A few days ago I was talking to someone with O.I. and the conversation went something like this--

Me: I don't even remember what I broke this year, but I'm sure I broke something.
Her: It was probably the law, Sandy

To protect myself I won't confirm whether she is wrong or right, I will say that I laughed for quite a few minutes after she said it.  ;-)

I hope that 2013 is a year we are able to break more stereotypes and misconceptions of those with O.I. or any disability. I hope that this is the year that instead of breaking up the disability community, we can unite to break more ground in our international civil rights. I hope that this is the year your dreams break because you went further than you expected to. I hope this is the year expectations of yourself break because you did more than what everyone else thought you could.

Thank you to the new friends and old supporters who continue to read my ramblings. You are the ones who continue to let me know that even if something gets broken life moves on, there is always unbroken joy to be had and shared! There is unbroken support to build and make stronger!

If there's ever anything any of you want me to address in a post, or questions you'd like answered, or just my opinion on anything never hesitate to zip me an email oi.perfect123@gmail.com

Until then I'll be taking a blogging break for a few weeks as I spend time with friends & family goofing around, getting into trouble I'm sure.

New posts: January 15th! 

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