As much fun writing is for me the process of writing blog posts is only enjoyable when I get the sense I'm being useful. Well.. okay even if that means you're writing my entries when you're supposed to be checking your work email, or as you're waiting in the drs office, or if you're supposed to be doing homework. Whatever.. 'usefulness' is totally subjective anyway.

The point is I really need your help in how I can be more useful for you. What topics should I write about? Or is there a post that I should elaborate on? Is there an issue I haven't touched upon yet that you think I should? Is there a burning question that you secretly don't believe anyone else has, but you wanna see if I have an opinion? (Because I probably do..) Let me know! Email me: oi.perfect123@gmail.com with your ideas.

Blog ya soon!

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  1. Excellent photos to accompany the blog post! And what is the name of the font you used? Thanks


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