Top 5 Awkward Moments

My friends enjoy teasing me for these and I have come to accept that I cannot go anywhere without at least one awkward moment.

1. Don't text and drive. Even if it's your power wheelchair. One time I was busy texting and soon found my head met the rear-end that belonged to a short old lady.

2. That time I only had 3 wheels on my chair. One of my rear wheels had fallen off - allegedly because one of my closest friends had been sitting on the back of it too much and it took the wheelchair company WAY too long to get a replacement part. The day that wheel fell off I had a mid-term in one of my classes and when my professor saw me she thought I was insane for rolling the 7 blocks to make it anyway. And trust me, if THAT professor was calling me insane.. then I guess sometimes my judgment can be really questionable.

3. Classy goes messy. It was a school tradition that the President served students breakfast. There were lots of administrators, deans, professors and tables stocked with food that had been nicely decorated. A corner of the tablecloth to one of the buffet tables got caught in my tire and BAM... onto the floor go an entire plate of cannoli's, pancakes, fruit.. I looked around and all I could say was "I guess the 5 second rule doesn't count?"

4. Painfully speechless. The editors of the high school newspaper were called in for a meeting that morning and there were bagels for us. It was an important meeting because we were having personnel issues and as I went to bite into my bagel - for whatever reason - the back of my jaw snaps. I sat for the duration of that incredibly tense meeting with my mouth shut, an un-chewed bite of bagel in my mouth, and just nodded and said "mmhmm" the whole time. Later on after school I went to the ortho and found out my jaw was broken - no fun at all!

5. The Claustrophobic Aide. In 9th grade my aide was claustrophobic. The reason why the school had hired her to begin with? So that she would go in the elevators with me as a preventative measure in case I got stuck or the elevator broke. Did I mention? She was claustrophobic... which means she never went in the elevators with me. Instead she would meet me at the next floor in front of the elevator doors and listen to make sure it was still running. Now that I think about it.. this incident deserves its own blog entry. It's an epic tale of youthful rebellion: The Time Sandy Staged a Coup & Got Rid of the Aide ;-)

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One Response to Top 5 Awkward Moments

  1. I had a bad experience texting and driving my power chair as well .. Actually many but this one sticks out. I was on the road and decided to quickly text back my friend and the next thing I know, I hit a parked car on the road and somehow managed to get my chair stuck under the back of the car -_-


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