Top Post in September!

Seriously? Is September really almost over?! I'm honestly not sure how I've been keeping up with blogging this month but it's been fun pushing out entries for you :-)

This month I plunged into a wide array of topics from the very personal to the more amusing & universal experiences many of us share. Topics have included 'Bucking the Aide' at school, to my struggles with identifying with my disability as a teenager, and even sharing the time I tried to 'Sneak out of the House!' I gave 'Advice to Teens' and even wrote a post that I'm still not quite sure I fully understand myself -- this month seems to reflect the wide breadth of how O.I. has affected my life and the lives of those in my family. Sometimes O.I.'s impact can be hilarious and amusing, sometimes it can be quite the struggle, and still other times it leaves us with more questions unanswered; no matter what happens it will always be in our spirit to carry on with the best of our abilities and find ways to take ownership and initiative of our own lives.

With that in mind I believe that September's Top Post of the Month reflects that spirit particularly well. So much of the time I find myself trying to conform to other people's standards or society's expectations: this is how you should be doing in school, this is how you should be doing at work, this is what it means to be accessible, this is how we will accommodate you, this is how your disability limits you etc. The list just never ends! But this post reminds us all that there are times when it is possible and empowering to define your own expectations, standards, and labels for yourself and others.

September's Top Post of the Month:

p.s. I also wanted to say thank you to my old readers who have been following since day one and I am incredibly grateful for the new readers I've gained. Thanks to all for being with me for another month and I hope you'll stick around for many more months to come!! 

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