Top 5 Pet Peeves: Non-Wheelchair Users' Behavior

1. It's an Automatic Door. By Definition You Don't Need to Hold it Open For Me. 

I'm not really sure what else I could say about this but it happens quite often. When you see me entering or exiting the CVS don't be surprised when I give you a dead pan you are a moron look if you're holding open the automatic door. Not only are you being unhelpful but you are also, most likely, standing in my way by holding open the automatic door. I'm not ungrateful, I just think that you should give technology a little bit more credit.

2. Glancing Over at Me Multiple Times But Pretending You Are Not Looking.
I have always believed in owning up to your actions. So if you're going to stare, then stare. Let's not play the stare-tag game whereby you look at me and then when I look at you you quickly turn your head away; and then when I think I've put a stop to it you turn your head back, but my peripheral vision is uncanny in both its width and intuition - I know that you're staring again so I look back at you. You quickly realize you've been caught red handed and turn away again... and well, do you see how boring this gets? Next time, just ask for my number or be ready for me to ask for yours.

3. You Don't Need to Ask My Permission to Take the Elevator.
Until I get a private elevator in my own home this is a public elevator. If I am already in it and the doors are about to close any second, you don't need to ask whether or not you can join me. I'm not going to say "no" because I was raised better than that. And I'm not going to pick-a-fight about how you could just take the stairs because it's probably faster for you. And nor will I make you uncomfortable by silently judging you during the 45 second ride. It's an elevator, we've all got places to go and things to do, so let's just move along with our day. 

4. Please Don't Scream In Shock or Horror As You are Opening the Bathroom Door.
I know, I am a small person on wheels. On very fast wheels. But I've been told that I'm a friendly person, I'm fairly open, and enjoy meeting other people. So there's no reason to scream at me if I am either exiting or entering the public bathroom. This usually happens right when the door cracks open enough, you are still in your own world looking straight above my head, and you won't notice me until you realize you are about to walk into or over me, then you look down and do a little "aaahh!" And for the sake of our bladders, let's not risk shocking each other into accidents in our pants okay? 

5. You Don't Need Access to that Curb Cut But I Definitely Do. 
It really ticks me off when there is a crosswalk and as we are crossing you will head towards the curb cut at the exact same second I am heading up the mini-ramp. My irritation is only heightened, and your (hopefully) self-realized idiocy is emphasized because all around us there are at least 20 other people who have figured out that they can walk down or up the sidewalk that is merely inches away. Most of the time I have realized this is because you are staring at me and you will (maybe without realizing) head towards my direction. I wish that in the seconds you are looking at me you would realize "oh that's a person in a wheelchair, oh she needs the curb cut and I don't." Next time this happens, do tell me what is going through your head instead. 

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2 Responses to Top 5 Pet Peeves: Non-Wheelchair Users' Behavior

  1. great list, have to say #1 and #5 are the most annoying and ones I encounter on a daily basis! Adding to #1 it annoys me when people offer to push the automatic button like they are doing me this HUGE favor, lol, but you are right 9/10 times they are actually more in the way trying to help!

  2. Thanks for sharing, that was an interesting point of view.


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