Barriers I'm Breaking

The tagline for this blog is: Breaking Barriers One Post at a Time. Having almost had this sucker for nearly two years now, I think it's high time that I 'fess up as to what barriers it is that I'm breaking. I owe it to my regular readers and to newer readers who want to know what they're getting into!
Most of my readers have some kind of disability whether it's O.I. or something else. And within that population I'm sure most of those folks are only all-too-acquainted with the mantra of people in the disability community "breaking barriers".. or "overcoming obstacles."

I'm not really overcoming obstacles. And nor am I breaking barriers for you.

Other than the mountain of books that I have to read I am not scaling any kind of peak to raise money for a cure. I'm also not participating in an Ironman or triathlon to raise awareness, unless you consider the marathon of Parks & Rec on Netflix while scooping mild salsa onto tortilla chips... to raise the awareness for The Rights of All People on Three Day Weekends. And I'm definitely not going on speaking tours around the country at schools or corporations to instill a 'can-do' spirit. But there are a lot of people with a variety of disabilities who are doing these things and a whole heck of a lot more! I'm just not one of them because I'm more comfortable doing this. This is what I know how to do best.

When I write blog entries about fracture management, rod surgeries, experiences in the classroom, going to college, and just a whole jumble of other topics in between --- I'm breaking barriers for myself. On a good day readers might zip me a message saying that they found my entry really relatable, or allowed them to think in a way that they hadn't before. On an even better day readers might share the link of the post on their own facebook wall, or tweet it to their friends - believing that my ramblings should be read by their own friends and family they care about. And those are all super helpful to me as the blogger because it gives me an idea as to who my audience is and what types of missives y'all might find appealing.
However all of my entries only serve as an example for my readers as to what has been done, and what is possible, and what are some of the thoughts and feelings that might result. The 'barrier-breaking' part starts with me. It is somewhere between the second an idea for a blog post floats into my head and when I write that first sentence. I am breaking barriers for myself by becoming more comfortable with who I am as a disabled person; and while there are many ways in my life that I'm doing this - writing about my experiences is definitely one of the most compelling and self-revelatory ways for me.

Since readers are only able to see the side of "breaking barriers" that appears in the form of a published blog post, many of you don't see or know about the barriers that I don't break. Sometimes I sit for longer than I have time for in front of the computer trying to decide whether or not I have enough "balls" to write on various topics, and too many times I end up chickening out. When moments like that happen it's either because I am:
1. Too shy
2. Too inexperienced / don't think I'm as knowledgable about a topic enough to babble about it
3. Just don't think it's a 'good enough' blog topic
4. I get this m'eh "no one is really going to care" feeling

But by writing about my experiences it has allowed me to gain confidence and the ability to talk about issues that relate to me having a disability. If nothing else the biggest barrier I've broken and probably will continue to be breaking is the confusion about myself. And I've kept up with it simply because I care about myself enough to want to do this, and also because I love writing. It's just that simple.

So I think that's what I'd like readers to think about when they hear or read about someone else who is moving mountains and scaling world records: what are you doing to break your own barriers? You are not so different from them, the only difference is that maybe you just haven't begun yet. The good news is that every hour of everyday marks another starting line for you, go forth!

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