The Declaration of Being Disabled

(Students of U.S. History or the U.S. Constitution/Declaration of Independence will recognize the language I based this off of. For all others, this was based off of the Preamble & introductory texts to the U.S. Declaration of Independence.)

In the course of growing-up as a person with a disability it eventually becomes necessary that I, as an adult who contributes to the well-being of society, assumes ownership and responsibility for this identity; and in so doing formulate my own opinions, thoughts, and actions as having to do with being a proud individual with a disability.

Towards the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness -- I hereby hold these truths to be self-evident for me: that all people are created equal, that we all have certain inalienable rights, that among these are human dignity, a life lived in and for independence, and the progress towards our individual dreams.

These statements are not made in contempt or spawned by an urgent call for revolution, but instead are said out of voluntary self-awareness for change. Change from a paradigm of what was once comfortable acceptance, towards the desire to reconstruct these views of a disabled individual for a more intrinsic and autonomous selfhood. There comes a time when the collection of life's 'what once was' requires a re-evaluation in order to make progress towards our goals. And with that it is also understood that whenever any form of negative attitude, misconception, stereotype, ignorance, or hate becomes a hindrance to these ends -- then I commit to the responsibility to alter or abolish such obstacles to the best of my ability.

There is some amount of self-destruction involved for each time I have shrugged my shoulders, or when I have simply nodded in acceptance of being turned away from or by anything. Certainly it would have been exhausting and even an unrealistic endeavor to take on each confrontation, and even after this is written that would still be the case. Prudence will be exercised during such events as guided by the inherent rights of all people, and by those leaders of the disability community whose efforts and means I am compelled to give my support.
But when a long history and pattern of discrimination, abuse, injustice, inequality, treatment aimed to reduce the dignity and independence of my life hints itself -- it is my right, my duty, to abrogate such acts in the hopes that some other disabled individual of posterity may face less treatment so base in nature.

The paradigm of change that this statement was created to enact is made to ensure the security of success towards the progress of my dreams, and by doing so the dreams of those who will come after me. An awareness for change now is what spurs this statement today, but it is the hope for a lasting change that I would like for this statement to continue holding a truth for someone else.

Such have been my general experiences as a young adult with a disability; and such is now the necessity which has led me to alter my perceptions of the life of a disabled person I once subscribed to.

I the proud individual with a disability, and member of the disability community, in order to form a more perfect Self-Identity, establish Self-Respect, insure Inclusion, provide for the common Understanding, promote the general Acceptance, and secure the Pride and Power of disability to myself and posterity - do ordain and establish this Declaration of Being Disabled for Me.

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